Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Goals For 2010

Due to my poor ability to keep my new years resolutions, this year I decided to refer to them as goals... Just like everyone else, I usually also plan to break them, but this year I am giving myself no excuses. After the last couple of horrific months, I have decided that some parts of my life and all of my way of thinking require a huge over-haul.

So here goes.

1. Keep my blog up to date - because I am sure that my two followers want to read all about my life.

2. Create a scrapbook album with one page per month, recording my favourite moments - because I am a sentimental person, and love having things to look back at.

3. Lose 15kg - this one will be hard, but I WILL NOT break it.

4. Quit smoking cigarettes all together - because my body and the earth deserve better.

5. Stop drinking too much - I know my limit, I should just learn to stick to it.

6. Stop having petty arguments with my boyfriend - because we both deserve better.

7. Make more things for my Etsy shop and get around to making my vintage shop - it is something that I love, but some how can never find the time to pursue.

8. Regain my confidence - sometimes even going to the shop for eggs is preceded by a furious mind battle of the pros and cons of being seen in public and having to talk to people.

9. Try and become a little more laid back and carefree - because things don't always happen the way they should and I'm sick of wasting tears on them.

10. Stop being so addicted to Facebook.

I guess I will check back in about a year's time to see how many of my unbreakable goals I have actually broken...

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