Sunday, December 6, 2009

be mine.

I was sinking
when you pulled me from the depths
and you were drinking
when we sat down on the the steps
and you said, girl, i've been trying to be
all the things that I swear you can see

now we're waiting
for the next best thing to come
they say I'm crazy
when I mean to be enough
and I keep saying that everything's fine
and you're the one who keeps taking the time
you should know this is no kind of life

so tell me something I don't know
a million miles away
and as you grab your things to go
there's something I should say
lovers, friends and waiting fors
lost out in the fray
would you say goodbye?
would you walk away?

we were driving
and the wind was in your hair
couldn't stop crying
'cause for me it's always there
and I can't stand to hear the sound
of your voice
if she's the girl that you want
that's your choice

maybe we're better off as friends
but if I go now
you know the story has to end
I can't keep playing your songs all the time
waiting here just to hear you on the line
'cause I know you will never be mine
be mine

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