Monday, September 28, 2009

Step #1

Is complete.

My whole life I have been bigger than most, which was not all that great because I am shorter than most. One night in a drunken conversation with a stick thin acquaintance I complained about my genetic downfall. She suggested pilates to me because "it's exercising without really knowing you are doing it". On further research, apparently instead of building bulky muscles (god forbid...) it creates lengthened and leaner muscles, which in turn makes one more flexible etc (which might make something else more fun...) I also discovered that pilates can improve one's co-ordination, hopefully for me it will go one step further and create it...

So I guess now all I have to do it kick my cupcake and sweet tea habit, not likely though.

Here's to change!

P.S. Does anyone else find that 80's gym attire... captivating?

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