Tuesday, October 16, 2007

first blog.

i wonder how many people have used that heading as the heading for their first blog?



hi im bri.

i enjoy things such as friends, my sister, making stuff, vodka and multi v juice, harry potter, sunflowers and ladybugs.

i thought i would start a blog because im finishing school in a matter of weeks and i really dont know how i will end up spending my time... so i thought maybe a blog will help me make the most of the time that i will be spending at home on myspace while my friends are up the gold coast for schoolies week drinking vodka and multi v [or something to the same effect].

with this blog i plan to revolutionise the way the world see's the humble 18 year old HSC student......... or not.

actually maybe i will just ramble on about my life, and how much cooler it is than yours. [ignor the second half of that sentence.]

well this is bri signing off for the first time.

have a great day and smile!


Ruby Clover said...

Mmmmm vodka...

I had to skim through your posts after I read the bit about googling yourself after not blogging for years and then re-finding yourself...neat.

Anonymous said...
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