Sunday, October 28, 2007

so how about it?

silverchair winning "a bundle" of ARIA's. i really couldnt care less.

but congrats to kate miller-hiedke for your nomination. your music is individual and just plain weird. i love it.

you know what i love? the smell of coffee, sitting around home... havent had a day like this for a while. except i have to work this arvo at my NBN stint. its a pretty alright job. great people. better than kmart, and all the grrrrr customers.

seven weeks and two days. keep the 19th of december cleared in your diaries. not only the day we recieve our long awaited HSC results... but the day of something oh-so-cliched and yet special at the same time. ooops did i say special. more like heart-breaking.

christmas in grafton this year. if you have ever visited grafton, you will understand my distaste. as far as i am concerned, the only good things are: my family being there, a pub literally two doors down from my grandma's house, and my grandma's knack for making awesome food and even awsomer [is that a word?] chocolate liquor.

do any sensitive yet crazy boys who are interested in having fun, 'dancing', and all kinds of music free for coffee tomorrow? love to hear from you.

byebye readers.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

work sucks.

and so do hsc exams.

but im half way through =] just maths tomorrow and then IT on the 8th and art on the 9th.

then school is over!!!

yeh and i have to be a checkout chick tonight.

ill be at kmart glendale between 5 and 9pm tonight.

care to join me?

summer heights high finished last night! haha its so funny. and jonah made me cry when he read his story.

anyway. im off to get ready for work.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

first blog.

i wonder how many people have used that heading as the heading for their first blog?



hi im bri.

i enjoy things such as friends, my sister, making stuff, vodka and multi v juice, harry potter, sunflowers and ladybugs.

i thought i would start a blog because im finishing school in a matter of weeks and i really dont know how i will end up spending my time... so i thought maybe a blog will help me make the most of the time that i will be spending at home on myspace while my friends are up the gold coast for schoolies week drinking vodka and multi v [or something to the same effect].

with this blog i plan to revolutionise the way the world see's the humble 18 year old HSC student......... or not.

actually maybe i will just ramble on about my life, and how much cooler it is than yours. [ignor the second half of that sentence.]

well this is bri signing off for the first time.

have a great day and smile!